Aluminum radiators offer lighter weight, increased durability, and zero corrosion.
Add IRW’s innovation and welding expertise, and you also benefit from high performance and less clogging.

IRW’s Experienced Aluminum Capabilities

Today it is widely recognized that aluminum offers better, more uniform heat transfer in industrial radiators. Traditional copper and brass designs use smaller tubes that clog more easily, reduce airflow, and limit the unit’s ability to cool. Even when compared to stainless steel, aluminum is a superior conductor of heat.

At IRW, we can convert your old industrial radiators and heat exchangers to aluminum for more efficient cooling. We can also build new and custom oil coolers from our inventory of bar and plate style cores, that are rated for 400 PSI

Our capabilities with aluminum welding mean we can repair, recore, and build completely new aluminum units. We also have extensive inventories of aluminum cores on-hand, including bar and plate style units.

Does Aluminum Cost More?

Depending on the application, replacing traditional and steel radiators with aluminum may seem like a premium cost, but that is only the up-front outlay. It’s simply more expensive to extract aluminum for bauxite than to make steel, for example.

Aluminum, however, is corrosion free and significantly more efficient, boasting an emissivity about 5 times that of steel. To say that aluminum is a superb conductor of heat is an understatement.

Ultimately, that means an aluminum heat exchanger lasts longer and operates trouble free over a greater period. Aluminum’s exceptional efficiency contributes to extending the life of the engines it cools.

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