At IRW, we evaluate and overcome problems as quickly and affordably as possible.

We know you don’t have time to waste. Failed, clogged, and rusted heat transfer equipment causes downtime and can lead to even more expensive problems if engine and heavy equipment damage occurs.

When New Just Won’t Do

A truck backs into an oil cooler and the collision results in severe damage. A new replacement will take a month or more to be installed on-site and the cost is astronomical.

That’s when you call IRW. Our expertise in custom builds and repairs means we can have the damaged unit back online, as good as new, faster and more cost-effectively than you might have imagined.

Our Aluminum Division

One thing that sets IRW apart from many of our competitors is our ability to convert steel radiators and heat exchangers to aluminum, providing lighter weight, higher efficiency cooling.

We can repair, recore, rebuild, and fabricate completely new aluminum radiators to any specification desired.

If It Overheats, IRW is on the Job

Many people think of IRW as a repair facility for industrial radiators, especially when it comes to over-the-road trucking. Did you know that we are big in the Marcellus Shale and hydraulic fracturing market in Pennsylvania?

We have experience troubleshooting overheating problems on drilling rigs, evaluating and fixing issues ranging from circulation problems to water pump, blade speed, and fan pitch issues.

Cleaning and Testing Wizards

If it’s not clean, it won’t work right, and most often that is the problem. The good news is, a clogged or dirty heat exchanger is an easy challenge to overcome.

IRW performs cleaning and testing on all sorts of industrial radiators, coolers, intercoolers, tube and shell coolers, charge air coolers, and more. We offer expert DPF and EGR cleaning.

Keeping Your Business Running is Our Success

At IRW, our success comes from solving your problems with affordable solutions, expert answers, and fast turn-around.

When overheating stops work and costs you money, we can have you back in operation with a fast, reliable response. Call us today at 724-459-7930, or complete our easy-to-use Contact Form. We look forward to hearing for you.